Cleanroom facility

Cleanroom Equipment are related to Cleanrooms. Some devices are used inside Cleanrooms; some are used in anterooms located outside cleanrooms; and some are used on their own for raising cleanliness level.
In anterooms and changing rooms, you can use equipment in accordance with your purpose, including Garment Stockers that store clothing, Clean Hand Washers/Driers that clean and dry your fingers, Clean Hand Driers, storage cabinets capable of storing items in a clean state, and more.

The Main Features of Our Cleanroom facility

  • We provide a broad selection of products for creating clean environments, including equipment for use inside Cleanrooms as well as for anterooms and changing rooms.
  • We offer product that meet customer needs, including energy-saving and space-saving products.

Cleanroom facility Applications

Cleanroom Equipment are widely in plants for semi-conductors and liquid crystal devices, manufacturing plants for electronic or precision machine parts and materials, hospitals, university laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, food plants and more.
They are broadly applicable, including installing together with a cleanroom or on their own.