Clean supplies

Creating a high level of cleanliness requires more than equipment such as Cleanrooms, etc. Supply Products (consumables used in Cleanrooms) are also important.
Airtech Japan refers to items and consumables used in Cleanrooms, such as clothing, gloves, masks, cleaning equipment and so on, as Clean Supply Products, and we provide a broad selection.

The Main Features of Our Clean supplies

  • We handle a variety of Supply Products for creating clean environments.
  • We also provide samples of Supply Products.

Clean supplies Applications

These products are used in all plants, universities, hospitals and research institutes that feature clean environments, including plants for semi-conductors and liquid crystal devices, manufacturing plants for electronic or precision machine parts and materials, hospitals, university laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, food plants and more.

Clean Supply Product / Clean Cleaning PDF catalog

CScatalogVol.P03 2015.08-1