Dust and Chemical Dust Remover/Deodorizer

Universities, plants and research institutes handle a variety of hazardous chemical substances. The dangers and obstacles presented by these chemical substances are labeled “chemical hazards.” Airtech Japan manufactures products that enable safe operations by capturing toxic gases, foul odors and toxic particles at the source using suction filters, exhaust systems and catalysts. Chemical Dust Removers, Weighing Booths and Fume Hoods are types of devices that combine localized exhaust and dust collection.
We also provide Vacuum Cleaners equipped with HEPA filters that are capable of safe filter exchange as well as Photo-catalyst Deodorizer.

The Main Features of Our Dust and Chemical Dust Remover/Deodorizer

  • These products incorporate a variety of designs that reduce the danger to workers and increase safety.
  • We make proposals that incorporate customer requests.

Dust and Chemical Dust Remover/Deodorizer Applications

These are used in pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, hospitals and university laboratories that handle hazardous chemical substances.