Clean bench ⁄ Biosafety Cabinet ⁄ Isolator

Clean Benches are clean work tables used in laboratories, plants, etc. to maintain a clean environment by preventing contamination by dust and germs. Vertical type and horizontal type airflow patterns are available. A wide variety of models are available, including self-standing models, table top models, airflow circulation models, gas burner-UV sterilization models and more.
Safety Cabinets are devices capable of preventing bacteria and microbes inside equipment from leaking out into the air, and they are also capable of conducting sterilization. They are capable of handling pathogenic microbes and recombinants DNA that are not possible to handle using Clean Benches or Bio Clean Benches.
Isolators operate inside air-tight boxes, and we provide positive pressure types for maintaining sterility and negative pressure types for preventing external leakage of anti-cancer agents and pathogens.

The Main Features of Our Clean bench ⁄ Biosafety Cabinet ⁄ Isolator

  • We have a broad selection of each product type, so you can select products according to purpose.
  • Clean Benches are available in a wide variety of models from high-end specifications through to low-cost products.
  • Our Biosafety Cabinets have acquired JACA and NSF Standard certification.
  • They also conduct inspections using bacteria and fumigation using formaldehyde.
  • We offer designs for Isolators according to purpose and in line with requests.

Clean bench ⁄ Biosafety Cabinet ⁄ Isolator Applications

Clean Benches are used in a variety of fields from electronics to bio industry. Safety Cabinets are used for pathogenic microbes in laboratories, regenerative medicine, pharmaceutical plants and more.
Isolators are used in germ-free operations and to handle highly bioactive agents, etc.