As the ONLY ONE COMPANY, specializing in CLEAN AIR SYSTEM in Japan


A wide variety of products

Airtech is the only one company specializing in clean air system in Japan. Airtech provides a wide variety of products designed in many different functions, business segments and price ranges.
various products

Technological capacity and wealth of experience

Clean air system is introduced in various industries. Airtech has a large capacity for technology and wealth of experience for satisfaction of request specification and adapting to various installation environment. Airtech provides optimal solutions for customer requirements.

Unique technologies, 2 year guarantee

For more than 40 years, Airtech has contributed to the development of electronics industry, bio industry, food industry, and pharmacy by inventive solutions for air containment, contamination control and controlled environments. We realize high-degree cleanliness space with our unique technologies. We provide a customer with adequate after-sales service. We guarantee our domestic products for 2 year.
2 year guarantee

Global network

Airtech has 16 domestic and 8 foreign firms. (China, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, India, Germany, Vietnam) Please consult with our firm about possibility of introduction of clean air system, if you are thinking of expanding your business abroad.
Global network

Business Fields: Various type of industries

[Companies introducing clean air system]
Semiconductor / FPD industry
Electronics / Precision machine industry
Food manufacturer
Hospital / University
Biotechnology / Pharmacy / Laboratory
A wide variety of products, meeting our customer’s requirements and various fields.

Our Products

Cleanroom ⁄ BSL-3 ⁄ CPF

Air shower ⁄ Pass box

Clean booth ⁄ FFU

Clean bench ⁄ Biosafety Cabinet ⁄ Isolator

Infection control equipment and facility

Insect control facility

Cleanroom facility

Clean supplies

Dust and Chemical Dust Remover/Deodorizer