Air shower ⁄ Pass box

Air Showers are installed at the doorways of Cleanrooms to prevent contaminants attached to workers and materials from being brought into the room. High-speed air cleaned through HEPA filters is blown directly on people and materials to remove attached dust. In addition, there are two doorways, and as these are structured so that they cannot both simultaneously be open, this functions as an airlock insulating the Cleanroom from the outside air. The interior of the Air Shower is structured so that is it typically cleaned when not in use to prevent external contaminant particles from flowing in.
Pass Boxes are double-door box-shaped devices that are used when materials are brought into the Cleanroom. Similar to Air Showers, they are structured so that both doors cannot simultaneously be open, so they function as an airlock insulating the Cleanroom from the outside air. Models featuring Air Shower functions and models featuring Clean Unit functions are also available.

The Main Features of Our Air shower ⁄ Pass box

  • Equipped in-house-developed pulse jet nozzle that is highly effective at removing dust.
  • Low power consumption due to LED lights and fan equipped with a brushless DC electric motor.
  • Compatible with overseas properties as well.
  • Based on the standard specifications, we offer specifications in line with customer requests.

Air shower ⁄ Pass box Applications

Air Showers are installed in Cleanrooms and anterooms, and they possess systems to prevent dust from being brought into the Cleanroom.
Air Showers and Pass Boxes are widely used in plants for semi-conductors and liquid crystal devices, manufacturing plants for electronic or precision machine parts and materials, hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, university laboratories, food plants and more.


Audio Data Catalog for Air Shower Audio Information

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