Clean booth ⁄ FFU

Clean Booths are facilities for creating spaces that maintain a high level of cleanliness easily and inexpensively.
Clean Booths are often used for localized cleaning in existing buildings and advanced cleaning inside Cleanrooms. Clean Booths can also be relocated.
We provide a wide variety of products from high-end models with temperature and humidity control functions through to products in our low-cost, popular series, and we are able to handle all requests regarding external dimensions and more.

The Main Features of Our Clean booth ⁄ FFU

  • Greatly reduced cost in comparison to Cleanrooms.
  • A wide selection of models from high-end specifications through to simple type models (low-cost products that customers can install themselves).
  • Enables localized clean environment, raised cleanliness level inside Cleanrooms and convenient relocation.
  • Compatible with a variety of dimensions, including large models.
  • We are able handle a wide range of requests, such as chemical contamination countermeasures, temperature and humidity control features, darkroom specifications, overseas specifications and more.

Clean booth ⁄ FFU Applications

Clean Booths are used in a broad range of fields including plants for semi-conductors and liquid crystal devices, manufacturers of electronic or precision machines, manufactures of electronic materials, food plants, pharmaceutical plants and more.